Nanotechnology Industries was founded by Gina Miller in 1998. The following year, the Nanogirl News service was introduced as a feature of Nanotechnology Industries. Over the years the news list became very popular and currently has close to four thousand subscribers. The news service has been featured across the internet as well as in print publications. In the early years Nanotechnology Industries sold a limited series of a print publication called the "Nanotechnology Industry Newsletter" which featured articles written by prominent nanotechnology figures. 

Gina Miller has written articles and provided interviews on the subject of nanotechnology and cryonics as well as created digital artwork and animations to illustrate future applications. Her work has been featured in various media including the History Channel television network, multiple Japanese television shows, American documentaries, Wired magazine, PC magazine, Fast Company magazine, international magazines, the PBS Nova web site, the Foresight Institute web site, design exhibits, and various books such as Nanofuture by J. Storrs Hall PhD. She has been a contributor to the Immortalist and Cryonics publications. She was was an editor at Nanotechnology for Development and is a Nanotechnology Advisor at the Extropy Institute. She wrote and illustrated a fictional graphic novel called Lazarus which has nanotechnology in it's storyline. 

With experience as a animator and film editor Gina had been cultivating the idea of a NanotubeTV show for several years. She invited Dr. James Lewis PhD  to be a part of the NanotubeTV project. James Lewis PhD graduated from Harvard with a Phd in chemistry. He worked as a research scientist at Cold Springs Harbor under James Watson Phd, the co discover of DNA. James Lewis PhD worked on vaccines for HIV and cancer as well as RNA splicing. James Lewis Phd co held the first ever Nanotechnology conference Nanocon in Seattle in 1989. He has written many papers and co edited multiple books on the subject and has worked with the Foresight Institute since 1996. 

NanotubeTV will provide viewers coverage of the most exciting nanotechnological developments as well as in depth discussion on the background knowledge and speculation of nanotechnology. 

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