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Nanotechnology Industries was established in 1998 by Gina Miller.

Papers and Interviews by Gina Miller (Basics of Nano, SciFi Dimensions, Nanorgasm, CRN, Ted Williams response, Bioethics of Cryonics and an Extropy article response).

3 times certified by Discreet (now formally AutoDesk) Certified for course title "3DS Max 5 Fundamentals" animation program. Discreet certified in the "Combustion" program, and Discreet certified in "Character Studio" Visit the Museum of the Future to see my future tech artwork and animations, also see my personal art projects here and my animation blog, more art and animations are available at my personal website as well.
(email if you are interested in images or animation).

Personal site: www.nanogirl.com 

Watch my Demo Reel, a compilation of my art and computer animations.

Press Kit for Gina Miller - Resume for Gina Miller

Nanotechnology Advisor - Executive Advisory Team - for the Extropy Institute.

Founder and moderator of The Nanotech email list and the Nanogirl News email list since 1999.

My Dermal Display animation was featured on The History Channel television and DVD. Also featured on Japanese television and the Immortality documentary. All aired 2008.

My Inspirations animation was the winner of the 2009 FujiFilm contest.

Artwork image featured in the h+ summer 2009 magazine (pg 56).

Jones soda animation was a semi finalist.

Artist for Futuretag's metaxlr8 project. Image of interest.

Editor Nanotechnology for Development view my editor profile.

Contributor to The Immortalist publication (regular). See an example.

Contributor to Cryonics publication (regular). See an example PDF, this was my first issue.

My reproduction of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night painting with the computer mentioned on the Computer Arts magazine blog. It was also selected by the Youtube staff to be a Youtube feature on 1/28/09.

Illustrated a science fiction book.

My Beyond Human image is the 2007 cover of the book "Patent Searching Made Easy." See the scan.

An image of my Rotary animation was featured in the book Nanofuture by J. Storrs Hall PhD . You can see the scan here. Also read my post regarding this news at my Max animation blog.

Image from my Dermal Display animation featured in PC Magazine issue November 22, 2005, page 22 "Hand me my Data" as well as a correction in the January 2006 issue (pg 73).

Dermal Display animation and I am the Future image featured in the The Immortality Institute Film Project . Click here to see the trailer.

Feature story of nanotechnology and cryonics interest with specific focus on my Dermal Display animation in Alcor's Cryonics magazine Winter 2006. Click here to read.

Front page Feature story in hometown newspaper Lassen County Times, covering my nanotechnology, cryonic, and 3D animation work Feb 14 2006.

Moby image was published in the Dec. 30, 2006 released book called "Music Game Book - A World History of 20th Century Music" which is available at Amazon.com. Click here to see a scan of the page my artwork is on (Pg 316 in the book) and click here to see the cover of the book.

Dermal display images appear in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue of Fast Company magazine (pg 35). Click here to see a scan.

Nanoscale cancer repair animations commissioned by Washington University in St. Louis, MO in collaboration with Children's hospital for a fund raising movie. Click here to go to to the webpage and download the movies.

Solar Tile House Paint image featured on the NOVA Pbs website Saved By The Sun at the New Ways to Catch Rays section click "Launch Interactive" and pick the third icon in from the right. 4.3.2007

Dermal Display Animation featured in Tecknikart magazine and The "Cité des sciences" museum in Paris, France Nanotechnology exhibit.

Artwork featured at the NANO Design Showing exhibit.

Art and animation exhibited at the Transvision 2004 and 2005 event.

Created the drawing of the mouse logo featured on the Methuselah Mouse Prize web pages and products. If you would like to see the mouse logo on the Methuselah cup click here, or on the Methuselah T-shirt click here.

4computer generated VRML images used for a futuristic article in the Sun Newspaper No. 4 Boca Raton, Florida.

Images used in the November 2002 issue of the German publication: eigentumlichfrei. View the pdf of the issue or visit the eigentumlichfrei web site.

Cosmobot image used in (HBA International) High Performance Ingredients & Emerging Technology Conference presentation April 22 - 23, 2003.

January 2000 issue of Wired Magazine .

Nanotechnology resource contribution to Bridges.com education node for students and teachers 2000.

Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board.

Article contributor to the Immortality Institute discussion forums. See Nanotech submission and Cryonics submission.

Cryoethics paper has also been contributed to the Immortality Institutes new book project.

Image used in the book "Nanotechnology: Invisible Machines" by Sandy Fritz.

Image Nanoworms used in the AFCEA's International Journal "Signal" July 2005 issue. More details here

Gina Miller's 3D images featured in the Dec. 9th issue of the Daily Herald (Chicago) newspaper.

Gina Miller's 3D images featured in the Spring issue of the English-language Switzerland quarterly magazine Hors Ligne.

The cover of Physical Immortality featured the Beyond Human Image. Click here to see the cover.

Molecule Binding and Orienting Mechanism animation be featured in a presentation by David R. Forrest, Sc.D., P.E. at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (2005).

Web designer for Nanofutech and IASE.

Sylvia Plath webpage is used as curriculum material in New Zealand school.


BIOgraphy personal

Microscope slide jewelry.

Gina Miller mentions in other people's books: The Spike by Damien Broderick (on page 353 - on page 370). Nanomedicine, Volume IIA: Biocompatibility by Robert A. Freitas Jr.(acknowledgments)

Tutored senior citizens in computers at the Greenwood Senior Center in Seattle.

-I have been trained in 3 dimensional computer animation (and related training): specifically, certified by Discreet (a subsidiary of Autodesk) in these areas:
1 certificate for Studio Max 3D 5 Fundamentals
1 certificate for Special Effects and Combustion
1 certificate for Character Studio
-I have been certified in these areas:
1 certificate for Photoshop
1 certificate for Computer Skills (includes PC and Mac)
1 certificate for Windows (Expert Level)

Member of American Chemical Society
Member of The American Association for the Advancement of Science
Foresight Senior Associate membership.
Extropian (I am on the Executive Advisory Team as a nanotech advisor).
Infinite Females team member.
Member CGSociety (Society of Digital Artists).
Registered with NASA-JSA Area Nanotechnology Study Group
Nanotechnology Correspondent for the Transhumanist Times (non active at this time).
Member Access Multi Media Technology.
Registered with The Molecular Modeling Electronic Conference
Member Library of Congress.
Registered Nanonote at UC Santa Barbara.
Owner/Chairman Nanotechnology Industries
Publisher of Nanotechnology Industries Newsletter

3DStudio Max
Photoshop CS4 and Dreamweaver

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