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Particular is a start up company that produces nanoparticles.

Zyvex private nanotechnology development company. Goal: To develop and use atomically precise manufacturing to radically change the manufacturing  capabilities of the world.  

IBM Watson Research Center, Zurich Research Laboratory, Almaden Research Center.

Bell Labs Innovations

Altair International Inc. (Nasdaq: ALTI) Plasma spray coating product containing Altair's titania nanoparticles.

Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises Incorporated (MMEI) Founded to help accelerate advancements in the field of molecular nanotechnology.

Nanogen (NGEN) Microelectronics and molecular biology.

MITRE Technology Program The research work of MITRE Corporation develops technical innovations that solve kep problems. (linking to technology)

Hewlett Packard HP labs working with nanotechnology.

Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. (CNI) Founded by Richard E. Smalley, purchase nanotubes.

Carbolex Carbon nanotube sales for research and industry.

3rd Tech, Producers of the NanoManipulator DP-100 System, for interactive display and manipulation for nanotechnology research.

Nanocyl producing and commercializing carbon nanotubes of various kinds (Multi-Wall, Single-Wall,
functionalized) in bulk quantities.

Nanonex offers nanoimprint lithography (NIL) tools, resists, masks and consulting.

Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication Laboratories (NN-Labs) selling semiconductor Nanocrystals (CdS-CdSe).

Argonide Manufacturers of electro-exploded nanosize powders. Participants of the US Nanotechnology Initiative.

Technanogy producer of high-quality, highly energetic ultra-pure aluminum powder at the nanoscale.

California Molecular Electronics Corporation Molecular electronics.

Evident Technologies manufacturers of EviDots, Semiconductor Nanocrystals, currently available in Core-CdSe semiconductor nanocrystals offered in a 5 color test kit.

Luna Innovations Incorporated endohedral metallofullerenes, hollow molecules of carbon atoms that encapsulate various metal and rare earth elements.

Isotron Corporation Nanoparticle composites that improve the physical properties of high-performance industrial coatings.

Nanotechnology Systems Dedicated to the development of ultra-precision machine systems, typically utilizing Single Point Diamond Turning and Deterministic Micro-Grinding technologies, for the production of plano, spherical, aspheric, conformal and freeform optics.

Hielscher - Ultrasound Technology development and production of ultrasonic devices for the use in laboratory and industrial applications.

Nanopeirce working on nanoparticle electrical connections.

Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials Inc. manufacturer and supplier of varying nanoscale powders.

Nanometrics Inc. (NANO)

NANOMAT, Inc Synthesis of nanocrystallline materials/nanomaterials and consultations.

Nanocor nanoclays specifically designed for plastic nanocomposites.

Nanolayers switches, biosensors, nanofabrication for semiconductors and organic light-emitting diodes.

Evident Technologies producing in commercial quantities, semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots.

Chengyin Technology (China) Co., Ltd. R&D of nano-structured titanium dioxide in sunscreen, antimicrobial,anti-static and photocatalysis.

Nanologic, Inc. Integration of nanotechtology into computers.

NanoLab carbon nanotubes aligned arrays and powder nanotechnology.

Nanophase Markets nanocrystalline for commercial applications.

NexTech  Materials, LTD. Developer and manufacturer ceramic products to meet the needs of the chemical, electrochemical, electronics and consumer markets. (nanopowders)

Hyperion Catalysis International Producer of carbon nanofiber materials. Hyperion's primary product is Graphite Fibril(tm) nanotubes.

ItN Nanovation GmbH nanoscaled particles and ceramic parts based on nanoparticles.

BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. developer of ultra-miniaturized nanoarray technologies for the solid-state, high-throughput analysis of molecular systems.

Nanochip Developing mass storage devices, based on molecular scale technology.

Nanoprobes Founded to develop the most sensitive reagents and methods for detecting biological molecules.

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) Awarded a research contract from the National Science Foundation to develop an advanced carbon nanotube membrane for direct methanol fuel cells.

Lightyear Technologies Inc. developer of nanotechnology materials and applications.

Nanoscale Materials Inc. (formerly Nantek, Inc.), materials company developing and commercializing reactive nanoparticles (RNPs) and other related technologies.

Nanoledge french supplier of carbon nanotubes.

Mad City Labs, Inc. manufactures nanopositioning systems with sub-nanometer precision.

Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis Inc. accelerating drug discovery.

Nanopowder Enterprises Inc. producer of specialty nanopowders.

Materials Modification Inc. Nanopowder processes in Material Engineering.

Cymbet manufacturing process for solid state lithium ion power sources.

Title : Minatec Centre for Innovation in Micro and Nanotechnology.

NanoDynamics Inc. producer of nanomaterials and nanotechnology enhanced components and devices.

Obducat storage, biosensors and semiconductors.

MatMod materials modification.

The UAlbany/SUNY Center for Advanced Thin Film Technology (CESTM) research, development, technology deployment and education resource supporting accelerated high technology commercialization and job creation.

SDL Queensgate Ltd. nanopositioning solutions.

Espin Producer of commercial quantity nanofibers from organic polymers.

Nanopowders Industries Special alloy powders for electronic components.

DEAL International Manufacturers of Carbon Nanotubes Email: ManishDamia@msn.com

Keweenaw Nanoscience Center  Design, analysis and consulting.


Polytec PI Inc Nanopositioning equipment for scanning microscopy.

Applied NanoWorks advanced materials experts using next generation technology to deliver 2nm-40nm semiconductor, metal and oxide crystals produced in water colloids.

Nanomaterials Research LLC
nanoengineered materials and devices

NanoProducts Corp nanomaterials.

Nanophase Technology Corporation nanocrystalline technology.

Sumitomo Electric nanoparticles and powders.

US Global Nanospace NanoFilter, Decontamination Foam and nanoscience applications for aerospace, defense and homeland security.

OD Software Incorporated (ODSI) is a software company to develop toolkits for correlating electronic material with electronic device.

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