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The Life Extension Manual by Jerry Emanuelson.

Anders Sandberg life extension extensive papers and links.

The Life Extension Foundation Prividers of vitamins formed circa1980 and provides vitamins, life extending products, catalog and news, based in Florida. (magazine)

Cryonics Nanoindustries.com links.

American Academy of Anti Aging Medince World health network, anti aging medical news, forums and forum.

National Institute on Aging the government agency established in 1974.

Aging Research Centre (ARC) information related to the study of the aging process.

Center on Aging papers, studies and links.

Aeiveos books, information and news.

Dr. Walford & Caloric Restriction

Life extension email list discussion  sci.life-extension

BJKlein.com Home to Immortalists, forum.

Life Extension Books


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