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NanoCAD in Java A freeware nanotech design system including source code.

General Nanotechnology imaging software for nanomanipulation and imaging.

OpenChem project to put together a much more complete and functional program for designing and tinkering with molecular machines.

Molecular Assembly Sequence Software (MASS) The current version of the MASS software can be best used to view molecular nanotechnology designs.

CavityStuffer Polymer design tool written by M.Krummenacker (KR), with valuable input from K.E. Drexler.


nanoTITAN, Inc. nVisualizer and nanoXplorer.

Molecular Visualization Freeware Protein Explorer, Chime and Rasmol.

DisMol a freeware molecule display applet.

CambridgeSoft Corporation develops, markets and supports internet software applications for chemists and engineers.

AccuModel accurate 3-D models using the MM3 force field.

Accelrys Inc. formerly Molecular Simulations Inc.simulation and informatics software.

Institute for Microelectronics downloadable software.

The Numerical Algorithms Group

Crystal Sketchpad: A Molecular CAD Tool - Molecular CAD tools are required to design diamondoid nanostructures in full atomic-detail.

Lab Equipment

SciQuip refurbished high-technology equipment, with many items applicable to nanotechnology use.

Bid-Service used/refurbished scientific and laboratory equipment.

Physik Instrumente (PI) NanoPositioning, micropositioning and piezo technology.

Piezo Systems, Inc.

Capovani Brothers Inc. Used equipment for science and industry.

Robbins Scientific Laboratory equipment.

Steamboat Semiconductor Buyer and seller of used, surplus semiconductor equipment for MEMS manufacturing, microscopic inspection (in visible light, UV and DUV), metrology and quality control operations.

Equipment for Technology & Science Inc. vendor of preowned equipment for the nanotechnology industry.

Opto Solutions Group specializes in buying and selling equipment to the semiconductor and nanotechnology industry.


ThermoMicroscopes manufacturer of atomic force microscopes and scanning probe instruments. From AFM to NSOM.

Oxford nanoScience developers and manufacturers of three dimensional atom probe for nanscale materials. Animations provided on site.

Novascan Technologies AFM's, probes and control devices.

Molecular Imaging Online Molecular Imaging Corporation,SPM imaging.

Molecular Devices and Tools for Nanotechnology

Digital Instruments Atomic Force & Scanning Probe Microscopy.

Quesant Instrument Corporation manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes

Pacific Nanotechnology AFM products to advance nanotechnologies.


Engineeringreference.com provides engineering/medical device/manufacturing technologies and resources.


Ralph Merkle's Computational Chemistry links

Microscopy: Nanotechnology and Nanomechanics Sites provided by the World Wide Web and Virtual library.


WWW Scanning Probe Microscopy links provided by Stephen Altman.

Universal Molecular Modeling Software list

Linux4Chemistry Linux programs for computational chemistry and molecular modeling.

Molecular Biology Related software and shareware provided by Lehle Seeds.

Microscopy WWW Sites By organisation tons of links as of 1996


NanoDesign: Concepts and Software for a Nanotechnology Based on Functionalized Fullerenes
Al Globus, MRJ, Inc. at NASA Ames Research Center and Richard Jaffe, NASA Ames Research Center.

Atom Tinkerer's Paradise.Innovations to atom-imaging microscopes create labs on tips By Peter Weiss.

Amoeba A Simulator for Molecular Nanotechnology by Bruce Damer

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