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Non Profit Organizations

The Foresight Institute the non profit definitive source of knowledge on nanotechnology. Provides yearly conferences and other events that include a wide span of nanotechnology topics.

Nano Science and Technology Institute founders of the yearly Nanotechnology Conference and Trade show offering assessments of emerging technology.

NanoSig non-profit organisation connecting investors, entrepreneurs, and large corporations with deal flow, education, information, & IP via conferences, seminars, and global networking.

Extropy Institute - the premier transhumanist networking and information organization preparing for the future.

Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
awareness of benefits and dangers of nanotechnology.

Larta reports, consulting and training.

The Scripps Research Institute private research.

The American Vacuum Society

The Institute of Nanotechnology (UK) registered charity promoting a focus on nanotechnology.

IEEE Nanotechnology Virtual Community a professional society.

Texas Nanotechnology Intitiative an interstate organization.

News Services

Nanotechnology- Now news of the future sciences and site of the week.

NanotechPlanet news briefs, glossary, etc. provided by the INT media group.

Small Times "big news in small tech."

Nanotechweb.org news, events and feature articles.

A to Z of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials a collaborative venture between AZoM and The Institute of Nanotechnology.

Nano Tsunami a non profit news service.


Nanotechnology.net news and more, registration required.

NanoTech-News.Biz news and events.

Nature Materials also visit the Nanozone (free registration required).

The Naked Scientists Online internet science radio online - sometimes covers nanotech.


e-drexler.com Eric Drexler, author of Engines of Creation and Nanosystems.

Ralph C. Merkle's homepage

Robert A. Freitas Jr. author of the Nanomedicine book series.

Richard P. Feynman - one of the most celebrated and revered scientists of modern times.

Marvin Minsky's home page.

Nanomedicine Art Gallery

Natasha Vita More Universe


Professor James M. Tour  at Rice University (nanoscale science)

Anders Sandberg - Immortalism and Life Extension

MEMEX (Nanolink) - through a collaborative project between Memex Research Pte Ltd and Internet Research & Development Unit (IRDU), and hosted at SunSITE Singapore, Computer Centre, National University of Singapore.

The Museum of Nanotechnology - By Charles Platt, presented by HotWired.

James B. Lewis's Nanotechnology Page - Webmaster for Foresight.

About Nanotechnology


The Nanocomputer Dream Team aiming to create the world's first Nano-Meter SuperComputer.

NASA-JSC Area Nanotechnology Study Group

Brad Hein's nanotechnology site links.

Sean Morgan's Nanotechnology pages links.

Will Ware's Homepage Links to cryptography, nanocad, genetic programming computers, nanotech etc.

Techstropia provide by Terry Donaghe.

Martin Oldfields nanotech links

Transhumanist Art Center Extropic expression.

Nick Bostrom's papers in analytical philosophy and on transhumanist-related topics.

Molecular Information Theory and the Theory of Molecular machines - by Tom Schneider: A section of the Laboratory of Computational and Experimental Biology at the National Institutes of Health in Frederick, MD.

Nanotechnology Sites on the WWW - Links

Charles Ostman the far frontier.

Nanotube Poetry   by Peter Butzloff: Topic Posted for the NANOTUBE-99 Workshop

David Cary Nanotech - large collection of nanotech links.

Mysteries of the Web - Nice sized nano links.

Clyde's Nanotechnology Links Various nano links in bold blue.

Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering featuring the inventions of Forrest Bishop (webmaster Gina Miller).

Azonano nano portal of directories.

Nanoword.net site provided by Steve Lenhert, Quanteq, LLC. Includes introduction on nanotechnology, nanotech encyclopedia, articles, image gallery, links and distribution of publications.

Nanotechnology and Space

NASA and Self-Replicating Systems: Implications for Nanotechnology a paper by Ralph C. Merkle.

Molecular manufacturing shortcut group promote nanotechnology as a means to facilitate the settlement of space.

Center for Nanospace Technologies a non-profit research foundation.

NASA applications of molecular nanotechnology a paper by Al Globus, David Bailey, Jie Han, Richard Jaffe, Creon Levit, Ralph Merkle, and Deepak Srivastava.

IAIR Center for Nanospace Technologies A division of the Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research.

Autonomous Nanotechnology Swarm Goddard Space Flight and Langley Research Center partnership.

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