Nanorgasm Gina Miller 1999

This concept was cited in the Jan 2000 issue of Wired Magazine.

There must be a multitude of options to consider with advancing technologies. My perspective is thru nanotechnology and the future limitless bounds this science will create for society. I am most willing to acquire enhancement within the confines of my own intellect, brain, and aging process, however I offer up another intriguing contemplation.

What of molecularly engineering your sexual response? Sexual climax multiplied by pi? (okay infinity might be too much) I've explored what definition my term "nanorgasm" might fulfill. This of course may vary from individual to individual, as in today's natural state of stimuli it often does. Perhaps one could re-configure these specific areas of our bodies and make it possible to have them layer into other aspects of the body that are not usually intertwined with sex. This might mean with a memory, with an idea or a far way plot as well as physical senses, (smell, audio etc) and other fetishes, such as food, feet and other unmentionables. This may just mean extreme sensory overload, stimulated all or specific parts of the body to a maximized extent.

With these future nanotech options there may be considerable desire to change gender, to remain flexible or be a boy for a day and mutate back into a woman. Gender itself may break the rules, and not be a two sided coin anymore. But each coin a different variation, of one's particular choice. In today's world, we experience heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites and other alternative lifestyle choices. There are also groups of people that select themes and create a sub-culture, such as those who dress up as clowns, babies or S&M and in building such a community can heighten these freedoms with peers of acceptance.

If our bodies may one day become as flexible as the imagination can conjure up, what type of technorgasms will be created? The implications of nanotechnology promise to offer abilities for the human body to manipulate itself in virtually any way comprehensible. Excerpt from Ch.15 of K.Eric Drexler's book Engines of Creation; "The technology underlying cell repair systems will allow people to change their bodies in ways that range from the trivial to the amazing to the bizarre. Such changes have few obvious limits. Some people may shed human form as a caterpillar transforms itself to take to the air; others may bring plain humanity to a new perfection. Some people will simply cure their warts, ignore the new butterflies, and go fishing."

With this in mind, it might be impossible to speculate on the future of the previously mentioned communities. Perhaps one could venture to make love to an alien being that is really the next door neighbor, or you could spend the weekend frolicking as a robot at a robot den resort. There may even be a possibility of having telepathy sex (much like I tried to do in high school with an unsuspecting boy in another classroom), your mate could be in China and you could extend some long distance stimulation, without a computer or a phone in hand!

Networks could also be set up for sexual exchange similar to UNIX. A person sign up to offer shareware of sexual sorts, as a computer stores information, we too could store our experiences with artificial intelligence, and redistribute! This type of exchange could also be used to upload yourself into someone else's experience! Voyeurism could take on a whole new meaning, as well as exhibitionism. I find it delightful to ponder however, and would love to march forward, torch in hand into the new sexual revolutions!

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