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Nanotechnology Industries Newsletter Issue 1, June 1999. (14 pages)
Contents: Interview of Forrest Bishop.
The Problem of Explaining Nanotechnology to Others by Daniel Cook.
Thirteen Years Later by James B. Lewis, Ph.D.
HDL's for nanomachinery? by J. Storrs Hall, PhD.
Nanotechnology in the news and Nanotechnology weblinks.

Nanotechnology Industries Newsletter Issue 2, July 2000. (24 pages)
Contents: Tangible Money by Robert A. Freitas, Jr.
Rigid-Body Mechanics and Nanotech Design by William Ware
Interview with George Skidmore of Zyvex
The Emergent Phenomena of Bioconvergence: First Stage Progenitor of the Nanotechnology Age by Charles Ostman
The Basics of Nanotechnology by Gina Miller
Conferences and Events
Nanotechnology News

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