I was interviewed about my nanotechnology graphic novel Lazarus and other related topics at City Weekly (July 11, 2010).

Alcor featured me in their special edition Nanomedicine issue of Cryonics Volume 27:1 magazine click here to read it and see the scans.

The Bioethical Implications, Dilemmas And Questions Involved With Cryonic Suspension written May 31, 2003. This paper documents the cryonic movement's history, man's various strategies to satisfy the quest for immortality (the conditioning to accept death), why cryonics is not wrong (the controversy), nanotechnology as revival, legal issues (Dora Kent, Thomas Donaldson and Ted Williams), and the vision.

Also, read this supplement to the above paper, Imaginary conversation about cryonic suspension. There are two characters, Nikolai a man who recently signed up for cryonic suspension and Bertrand a man who believes that death is inevitable. May 31, 2003.

Lassen County Times newspaper interview, front page feature (February 14, 2006).

An Interview for a theatre group doing research for a play on the topic of modern society (August 29, 2004).

Nano In Brief by Gina Miller a short and sweet introduction to how it began, how it works and what it could become (6/11/2003).

The Lesser of Two Evils by Gina Miller a casual approach to discussing cryonics, as the lesser of two evils and death as not an option. Societal fears and typical responses are addressed in this paper (6/17/03).

The basics of Nanotechnology, By Gina Miller as reported to Max Block 'Columbia University Graduate school of Journalism' for a 30 minute radio documentary on cryonics and nanotechnology (February 2000).

Interviewed by CRN magazine published in May of 2002 on the subject of nanotechnology (April of 2002).

A response to the Ted Williams media coverage regarding cryonic suspension July 11, 2002.

SciFi Dimensions interview on Transhumanism. November 2000.

Nanorgasm, molecularly engineered stimuli as reported in the January 2000 issue of Wired Magazine.

See Nanotech submission and Cryonics submission.

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