Nanotechnology by definition according to Merriam-Webster is: noun the science of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale especially to build microscopic devices. 

But what does this really mean? Indeed it is a scale, a scale so small in fact that if you took a single hair off of your head you would have to divide it 80 thousand times to get down to the size of a nanometer. A nanometer is 3 to 6 atoms across (depending on which atoms you are talking about since different atoms are different sizes).

What nanotechnology aims to do is to build on that scale. This would take manufacturing to a level the likes we have never seen before, because atoms are what makes everything, what they are. The difference between you and the chair you are sitting on is what atoms are there and how they are arranged. What could be impacted by building on such a small scale? Everything. 

Right now nanotechnology is still in it's infancy, so it's current applications are things like stain resistant tennis shoes, paper batteries, self cleaning fabrics and materials that make sports and beauty products better. There is some research going on right now to create drug delivery systems.

But here is where it get's really interesting, with continued funding one day we could see nano applications that serve as cures for diseases, that clean pollution - atom by atom, puts soil in it's most perfect state so that regions that can not grow food and currently face famine, can grow food. We could have weather controllers so that natural disasters could be averted and the Ozone layer could be repaired. Since everything is made of atoms, we could virtually work on fixing all of humanities problems and the earths problems - preventing them one by one using nanotechnology. 


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